Victoria Berenholz, MBA
Executive Director, Penn Health-Tech
Glory Durham, MPH
Associate Director, Penn Health-Tech
Jessy Syed
Student Program Coordinator, Penn Health-Tech
Gillian Sissman
Student Program Intern,
Penn Health-Tech
Sid Deliwala
Director, Electrical and Systems Engineering Labs, Penn Engineering
Sevile Mannickarottu
Director, Bioengineering Educational Lab and Bio-MakerSpace, Penn Engineering
Peter Bruno
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Educational Laboratory Coordinator


President, PHT Student Board
Loren Mead
Rothberg Catalyzer Committee Member, PHT Student Board
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Chris Lin
Rothberg Catalyzer Committee Chair, PHT Student Board
Samarth Sharma
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Rothberg Catalyzer Committee Member, PHT Student Board
Sabrina Song
Rothberg Catalyzer Committee Member, PHT Student Board


Grace Chung


Sylvie Abookire, MPH
Flaura Winston, MD, PhD

Design Studio 1: Design Thinking

September 17, 6-8pm | Glandt Forum, Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Design Thinking, an iterative process to understanding the needs of your target user, has been adopted by some of the world’s leading brands. Design Studio 1 leads you through the phases of Design Thinking – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test – and how it can help you select an unmet need and create impactful solutions. This workshop features a panel of clinicians to help with the ideation process and provide unique insights.   



Sylvie Abookire, MPH

Healthcare Innovation Consultant,

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Flaura Winston, MD, PhD

Scientific Director, NSF Center for Child Injury Prevention Science

Science/Medical Advisor, Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Distinguished Chair of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dustyn Roberts, PhD

Design Studio 2: Rapid Prototyping and Derisking

October 1, 6-8pm | Towne Hall 225

You’ve got your unmet need and you’re ready to start creating solutions, but how do you efficiently prototype? Rapid Prototyping helps you evaluate solution concepts quickly in order test and refine your final product. This workshop features technical mentors and lab coordinators from Penn Engineering to walk you through concepts, materials, and available equipment.



Dustyn Roberts, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Penn School of Engineering and Applied Science

Vanessa Chan, PhD

Design Studio 3: Pitch Success

October 15, 6-8pm | Towne Hall 225

Pitching does not have to be a nerve-wracking moment. Knowing how to create your story in context to your design and relating it to a broad audience can allow your ideas to raise capital and connect with investors, researchers, and future customers. This workshop features best practices for pitching, as well as an opportunity to practice your pitching skills in small group sessions.


Vanessa Chan, PhD

Professor of Practice, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Materials Science and Engineering

Penn School of Engineering and Applied Science


Jonathan Rothberg, PhD

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, 4Catalyzer

Adjunct Professor of Genetics, Yale School of Medicine

Ben Rosenbluth

Research Scientist, 4Catalyzer


Dawn Bonnell, PhD

Vice Provost for Research,

Henry Robinson Towne Professor,

Materials Science and Engineering,

School of Engineering and Applied Science

University of Pennsylvania

Jon Epstein, MD

Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer

William Wikoff Smith Professor of Cardiovascular Research
Perelman School of Medicine 

University of Pennsylvania ​

Vijay Kumar, PhD

Nemirovsky Family Dean and Professor

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Computer and Information Science
Electrical and Systems Engineering

School of Engineering and Applied Science

University of Pennsylvania


Insup Lee, PhD

Co-Director, Penn Health-Tech

Cecilia Fitler Moore Professor in Computer and Information Science

Director, PRECISE Center

University of Pennsylvania

Brian Litt, MD

Co-Director, Penn Health-Tech

Attending Neurologist

Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Bioengineering University of Pennsylvania 

Mark Turco, MD

Chief Innovation Officer, Penn Health-Tech

Chief Innovation and Corporate Outreach Officer, Penn Center for Innovation